Introduction to the podcast

Introduction to the podcast

The Ward Calls podcast dissects common ward calls you will need to confidently manage as a PGY1 doctor and beyond. We discuss practical, safe and comprehensive approaches that are achievable in the limited time available when working on the ward.

The podcast is co-hosted by Dr Vani Chandran and Dr Sam Holford, based in Auckland, New Zealand.

We hope to provide guidance applicable to hospitals throughout New Zealand, and expect most of the content to apply to Australia and further abroad. Thanks to the NZRDA Education Trust for making this podcast possible.


Practicing medicine is to make black and white decisions based on grey information. We can’t cover every possible scenario on this podcast and cannot guarantee accuracy. We’ve done our best to bring you useful and reliable advice, from guests volunteering their time to give expert opinion. Our advice does not replace your local hospital policy or guidelines, nor good clinical judgement.